3 Small video made on a cheap video camera in 2007. 2 video about Snow Snow Snow,the birds on the fly and 1 the piggy bath.

Music: (Medium Wave 2008).

Music and video created by Per Katchetowa.

Marjatta’s shelter camp and playground 2022.

Marjatta is a place for the developmentally disabled where they have co-housing and school of various kinds.They have biodynamic farming and horticulture.

 Video created by Per Katchetowa 2022.

String Quartet Absalon 2022.

Fragment of Chambermusic in Præstø on 10 September 2022.Warehouse in Præstø harbour(Denmark).
Composer:Felix Mendelssohn.

 Video created by Per Katchetowa 2022.

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