On this site you will find Painting,drawing,Photographs,Letters,Music and maybe otherwise with time.

There will be no more news on this site before in Januar 2023.

19/10 2021 is there news on painting 2.

27-10 20021 is there news on Medium Wave 2008 (Dancing girl 2006)

27-1 2022 is there news on site MT’s Atelier.

26-5 Is there news on Letters.

15-10 2022 Is there news on Letters.

Painting site 2MT's Atelier

Welcome to ARTKATCHETOWA 2007.




Something to remember.

Click on almost all images on the site and they will open in a larger format in a new window.

On this site you will find Painting,drawing,Photographs,Letters,Music and maybe otherwise with time. Kind Regards Per Katchetowa.

ARTKATCHETOWA 2007 is always under editing.

6 of Per katchetowas prospects

Sight I’ve seen on my walks and bike rides. Collage of 6 prospects.


Bear nobody and little Lise.

Bear nobody and little Lise inspect the site and keeps order.

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The art on this site is not for sale.

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